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Other Bank Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

A Safe Deposit Box can give you peace of mind knowing that your personal valuables are secure.  Our friendly staff can help you determine what size box will best fit your needs.  Call us or stop by today!

3 x 5      $20.00 annual fee
4 x 5      $25.00 annual fee
5 x 5      $30.00 annual fee
3 x 10    $35.00 annual fee
5 x 10    $55.00 annual fee 

$5.00 discount  if annual rental fee is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account.

Night Depository
The Night Depository is located in our Drive-Thru lane allowing for safe and secure deposits when we are closed.  It can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Locked bags are available to allow you to keep
your money safe in the bank overnight and through the weekend.

Wire Transfers
This service is available to our customers when they need to move money quickly and securely. To wire funds to your account at The State Bank of Townsend, please use the following wire transfer instructions:

Bank: United BKRS Bloomington

Beneficiary: The State Bank of Townsend

For Final Credit to: Account Holder (Your Name)
Account Number
@ The State Bank of Townsend


Overdraft Items DDA & SAV $30 per item
  $120 per day maximum fee
Continuous Overdraft Fee Per Day (after the fifth day the account is overdrawn) $6.00 per day
Returned Deposit Item $5.00
Deposit Correction $4.00
Canadian Check Processing $20.00
Statement Copy or Copy of Check (if prior to current statement cycle) $2.50
Courtesy Checks (first 2 free) $.20 each
Automatic Transfers (Sweep) $5.00

ATM Replacement Cards

Check Card Replacement $6.00
Foreign ATM Use $2.00
Stop Payments $30.00
Statement Reconciliation $25.00
Research Fees Per Hour (1 hour minimum) $30.00
Account Closure within 90 Days of Opening $20.00
Reactivate Closed Account $10.00
Undeliverable Statement $5.00/month
Dormant Account w/balance < $100 w/owner over age 18 $6.00/month
Inactive Account w/balance < $100 w/owner over age 18 $5.00/month
Charged-Off Account Collection Fee $25.00
IRA Closing or Transfer $25.00
Excessive Savings Withdrawal Fee $10.00
If you make more than six withdrawals or transfers by any means other than those made in person, by messenger, by mail or at an ATM during any statement cycle, your savings account will be charged an Excessive Withdrawal Fee.  
Cashier's Checks (CC) $5.00
Money Orders (MO) $4.00
CC & MO for Customers over 55 $1.00
CC & MO for Senior Choice Checking Customers Free
Wire Transfers Incoming $15.00
  Outgoing $25.00
  Foreign US Funds $50.00
Collections $25.00
Account Levy Processing Fee $75.00
Night Depository Lock Bag Deposit $20.00
State Bank of Townsend Money Bags $7.00
Fax $2.50
Photocopies $0.25


400 Broadway - Townsend, MT 59644 - Phone (406) 266-3176  - Toll Free 1-800-735-6385

The State Bank of Townsend
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